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Are you looking seriously to build your eCommerce business? E-commerce business refers either to the transmission of the funds/ data, or buying and selling of goods and services, over an electronic network, or the internet.

Predominantly, these transactions are operated with the business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and consumer-to-business (C2B). If you are serious about launching an online business, but worrying about the ideas, then we have a great list for you.

There is no perfect time to start an online business; all you need to do is become perfect almost one of the best in the area in which you want to set up the business. So, whether it is an online grocery store, or cloud computing business, you need to become well-versed with that field.

Do you want to get more the best eCommerce business ideas to start in 2020? After conducting proper research work, we have analyzed many niches to narrow down to these 15 best ideas for your business. Let’s start-

Pick your best eCommerce idea and start within 2020

Here’s a list of best e-commerce businesses worth your time and investment with great opportunities in 2019 (and beyond!)

#1 Startup Business Online Coaching Business

If you enjoy working with people and helping them reach their goals and potential, an online coaching business might be the right choice for you. One of the great advantages of coaching today is that technology has expanded your opportunities to offer coaching services. No longer are you limited to having an office where you meet people in person or a phone where you might miss subtle visual cues when helping others.

Video conferencing has made face-to-face coaching with clients all over the world possible, which may be one of the reasons the coaching profession has exploded in the last few years. If you have the ability to connect with and help people, then coaching might be a great home business option for you.

#2 Startup Business Idea- Online Learning Platforms

The first and foremost e-commerce business idea that you can think of is starting an online learning platform. Even though there are wide education portals available in the market, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start this business. Online portals are still evolving, which is giving a path for your business.

All you need to do is look for the students who want to have online courses. Many students don’t want to study in conventional ways. That’s why this field is wide open, and you need to choose one area, whether it is academic, vocational, or other sub-niches to set up your business.

#3 Startup Business Idea- Online Grocery and Foods

What do you think about the business idea of online grocery and food stores? In today’s technological world, this kind of business is attracting a huge audience. The profitability of this industry depends upon how you manage your relationships with the vendors. More importantly, how to drive customers towards your business.

With the high demand for grocery products and services in working people’s lives, this niche will continue to be one of the greatest eCommerce startup ideas in the coming years. Over time, when you feel like your business is growing, then you can also increase your services and products in the market. In this way, you can build a great image of your business and also gain revenue from the company.

#4 Startup Business Idea- Social Media Consultancy Business

Social media network sites have become one of the best startup ideas from the last several years. For this business, you have to be online 24*7, have a proper website about your services/products. In this way, you can gain the trust of your clients. The more you will be available for your users, the more secure and satisfied clients will feel.

The social media sites are the backbone of the client’s company online. This means that as a social media consultant, you can help your clients to build online media campaigns. These campaigns include the usage of videos, blogs, forums, and other social media features.

#5 Startup Business Idea- Baby Rompers

Do you have children in your house? Or perhaps do you feel happy when they are around? If yes, you can start selling baby rompers at affordable prices. Baby rompers are adorable. Nowadays, everybody has fallen in love with the cute dresses of the baby. That is why this eCommerce business would be a great idea as they’ve proven to show substantial search volume.

If you want to open an online store, especially for baby clothes, then you can add baby rompers within your trending product category. By adding new variety will help you to become a one-stop-shop for parents and overall increase the profit of your business.

#6 Startup Business Idea- E-commerce Service Provider

Another eCommerce business idea that you can add in your bucket list to launch a startup in 2020 is becoming an e-commerce service provider. For this job, you will have to handle all the back-office systems, IT aspects of starting an ecommerce business, and the infrastructure of the business. The IT professionals prefer to hire one professional e-commerce service provider so that they can focus on selling their products and growing their brand.

#7 Startup Business Idea- Online Customer Engagement Platform

Since the profit of e-commerce business depends heavily on customer services, so, entrepreneurs always look for the various customer engagement platforms to attract more users. There is no denying the fact that now users have plenty of choices for every product and service.

If you are good at communication, and the skill to convince customers, then you can opt for this business idea. In this business, you will be listening to the complaints of the users and retain them as per your understanding. An online customer engagement platform offers the usage of various video technology in order to engage the online retailers with users. More importantly, answer the queries of the user’s questions and concerns seamlessly.

#8 Startup Business Idea- Selfie Drones

Have you ever heard about selfie drones? Well, noways, they have become very trendy, especially at parties. So, if you are a big fan of the parties and have some skills in photography, then you can opt for this eCommerce business idea.

You can open an online store of selfie drones so that you can sell them. For instance- you can deliver the drones to the farmers so that they can keep an eye on their crops through videographers. Selfie drones allow individuals to easily capture pictures from different angles without the need for a selfie.

#9 Startup Business Idea- Crowdfunding sites

Crowdfunding sites are those sites that use a small amount of money from the investors or entrepreneurs to finance a new business idea or grow the existing venture. These sites generally increase the social bond of the newly-made entrepreneurs through social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. In this way, the new business owners can learn various things from successful ones or also how to attract investors and also provide visibility for the new business.

#10 Startup Business Idea- Merchandising Platform

For newly-made e-commerce startups, it is tough to find the suppliers and vendors who can help them to grow their business. The reason is suppliers generally prefer to work with the large retail stores with whom they can establish a longstanding relationship with and whose brand is easily recognizable over yours.

If you are thinking of entering the eCommerce business world, then you can choose to establish the merchandising platform. In this business, you would act like a bridge for the suppliers and the customers. In short, you would not have to worry about dealing with the inventory.

#11 Startup Business Idea- 3D Assets Stores — Business Idea

What about 3D asset stores? Earlier, it was not used to be one of the best business ideas. But now, 3D assets have become a hot commodity. All thanks to the 3D games and AR/VR applications. Moreover, several government officials have also started competitions to make this business more productive and increase the demand for 3D products among people.

Therefore, it is a good idea to launch your own 3D assets store by adding assets from third-party developers or (preferably) by making your own. If you don’t want to open the online store, so you can put the assets on sale or even for monthly or yearly subscription.

#12 Startup Business Idea- Online Business Consulting

Every business owner wants to hire a business consultant who can help them to make their brand more compelling. If you are the one who is well-versed with this area, then you can create one online campaign for your clients. By creating the online campaign portals for your client’s business, you can generate awareness about the business as well as build a lifetime customer loyalty of your client’s business.

As an online business consultant, you also have to pay attention to the content of the client’s websites. Make sure that you update the content in such a way that it decipher the message and tone of your client’s business. You can also engage the customers through relevant content on websites, social media, emails, advertising, as well as other brand materials.

#13 Startup Business Idea- E-Book Author and Publisher

With the high demand for digital reading devices, eBooks, and Kindle cloud reader have become famous among book lovers. If you are a good writer, then you can publish an eBook. Publishing an eBook has more benefits as compared to traditional printed books. The main benefits are the expenses, especially as publishing costs are at the barest minimum, and there are no shipping costs.

#14 Startup Business Idea- Link Building to Content

It is an art of linking other websites in order to create more links for your website. As this process helps people to improve their search engine ranking, this kind of work is high in demand. It generally involves no risks, tricks, or loopholes, which can exploit the links of your context.

For this strategy, all you need to look for the links that will increase the value of your content. When you convince the website owners on the need to create and promote content regulators outside of their online product catalog, it would be easier for you to generate the money. If the content is excellent and links shared, it helps in bringing more traffic to the site.

#15 Startup Business Idea- Cloud Computing Business

Another eCommerce business idea that you can incorporate in your diary is starting a cloud computing business. Because virtually, cloud computing is used by everyone from individuals to public and private organizations. Entrepreneurs use this system to get access to the information anywhere using a compatible device, especially as cloud computing stores data on the internet. If you are thinking about this e-commerce business idea, then you need to know the needs and risks of your potential customers. No one wants to leak their business information, so you have to be very strict for this eCommerce business.

#16 Startup Business Idea- Networking Marketing

And last but not least, the best eCommerce business idea to start in 2020 is a networking marketing business. This idea is trendy among people who believe in running a flexible business. This kind of startup is generally renowned for being multipurpose with payouts occurring at more than one level.


So, as you can see there is a huge ability of profitable and perspective online business ideas. Now that you have got a better idea about the latest inventions, innovations, upward trends, and more importantly, ever-green products which can help you to set and scale your business efficiently. But make sure that before setting up an eCommerce business, you should have a basic understanding of e-commerce laws. Because for every place, you have to follow different rules and jurisdictions.

If you are intentioned to commercialize your products internationally, then you might have to handle some legal and financial considerations regarding privacy, copyright, security, and taxation. Take awareness of all the upcoming opportunities, especially in the digital World.


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